I am pleased to let you know that the launch on Saturday of 2018 council was very successful. 


The day began with 2017 members testing the project with 2018 Cubs. The lasertag event was a great success and enjoyed by all. Watch out for details via District/Hallowtree very soon. This is open to all Hallowtree users from age 6.


We have 7 members of the 2018 council and a great bonding session and training session took place. We have rep's from 10th, 11th Monday, 11th Wed, 26th, 32nd, 36th, and Capel.  

All Cubs can now successfully carry out event planning and risk assessments. A meal of traditional Scout food was followed by a session pooling ideas. The Cubs came up with so many great ideas but finally whittled down to one favourite and one back-up.


Details will emerge in due course. We should all be very excited about the possible outcome.


Kevin Bean

ADC Cubs, Wolsey District

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