YOUSHAPE month is back again! This is a month where we celebrate Youth Shaped Scouting, and celebrate what we do in Suffolk Scouting.


We are looking for normal day to day Youth Shaped Scouting but making a point of celebrating it, so we are continuing to promote and look for:

● Young leaders.
● Forums.
● Peer Leaders (lodge leaders, sixers/seconders,PL’s/APL’s, Explorer Executives, a Strong Network).
● Decision making, and positive actioning.
● Young people shaping their programme.
● Successful outcomes that have happened because the young people have wanted it.
● The list goes on.
● 18-24 year olds Joining Executive committees.
● A strong balanced programme for all to enjoy.
● Personal development.


● Promote Youth Shaped Scouting.
● Promote Youth Commissioners - The County Youth Commissioner and new District Youth Commissioners. (with District Youth Commissioners now being put into place, and vacancies out there, do you know if your district has one?).
● Take photos/videos with explanations, and post on the Suffolk Youth Shaped Scouting Facebook page with the tag #YouShape.
● Use the resources found on the #youshape tab on the County website.
● Take part in Wear Their Necker project (Please see over for more details).
● Invite your Youth Commissioner to come and visit.
● ‘You said, we did’ displays to show what decisions have been Youth Shaped.
● Take the #YouShape Pledge (on County website).
● Carry on being awesome!

WEAR THEIR NECKER - Wear Their Necker is a fun, exciting and empowering project to celebrate Youth Shaped Scouting. The aim of the project is to give young people the opportunity to take over adult volunteer roles. They do this by shadowing an adult volunteer for a day/ event, watching what they do and asking questions. It puts young people into decision-making positions, and encourages adults to hear their views.

WHO? - Any youth members can take part with adults at Group, District or County level.

BENEFITS - For young people. This provides a chance to have their voices heard, to experience leadership within a volunteer role, to develop new skills, and to share ideas about how we can improve Scouting in their area. For adult volunteers, this provides a chance to gain a fresh perspective on their work within Scouting. It addresses existing challenges, finds new solutions, and offers a chance to further develop relationships with young people and within the wider local community.

WHAT NEXT - If you have any events / visits a Youth Commissioner could come visit, please let me know and send me any pictures of Youth Shaped Scouting in Suffolk.

CELEBRATE #Youshape2018.

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Ollie Smith
County Youth Commissioner

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