Badge Supplies



Shelia Clark is our District Badge Secretary. Contact Shelia for all your Scouting Badge supplies.


Sheila Clark District Badge Secretary  



 Please send a stamped SAE plus payment with all orders.

 Cheques are payable to "Wolsey District Badge Account"

 Prices updated on 1st February 2017

World Membership 76p
County 40p 
District   40p
Challenge Awards 76p
Activity 65p
Chief Scout Awards 65p
D of E Awards  90p
Patrol Badges  76p
Participation 50p
Group Awards 71p
PL, APL, Sixer, Seconder 65p
Moving on Award  65p
Union Cloth 61p
S.A.S. Badge £1.16
Cash's Name Tapes (Not held in stock, allow 4 weeks)  
   - Card for 36  £9.75
   - Card for 72  £12.10
   - Card for 144  £14.65
Thanks Badges (Not held in stock)  
   - Silver    £25.50
   - Etched    £6.50
YL Module A  76p
YL Mission 65p
YL Adult Recognition 65p